Journal Article (研究ノート)現代の小学校における自立に導くことを意図した学級経営の困難性に関する研究
Difficulties of Class Management in Elementary Schools: Focus on Encouraging Independent Behavior in Children

大前, 暁政

9pp.49 - 67 , 2017-03-31 , 京都文教大学臨床心理学部
An elementary school teacher teaches children and is in-charge of a classroom immediately in the first. Thus, an elementary school teacher has various responsibilities with respect to subject instruction and class management. During class management, children are taught to be independent, which is necessary in the modern education system.An elementary school teacher had to train Tsutomu to behave himself, cooperate within a group, and solve problems like the other children. A questionnaire-based survey was carried out for an elementary school teacher, and an elementary school teacher identified the kind of difficulties faced in class management, which aimed to train children to become independent.A questionnaire-based survey was conducted with a teacher of an elementary school. The results showed that an elementary school teacher experiences several difficulties in class management. Even an inexperienced teacher is a teacher with abundant experience. The difficulties experienced by the elementary school teachers are related to subject instruction and student guidance. Thus, teacher-training courses must focus on teaching a mechanism to balance subject instruction and class management.Many elementary school teachers find it difficult to manage the governing activities and self-actualization of children. It is evident that an inexperienced elementary school teacher is unable to guide children during the governing activity. It is suggested that teachers in teachers must establish rules in the classroom and build relationships with the children to resolve the difficulties faced.

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