Journal Article 地域金融と信用保証制度に関する研究
The Study of Regional Finance and Credit Guarantee System

大森, 晋

I surveyed regional finance of Kyoto in a past study and spoke that the functional enhancement of the credit guarantee system was necessary.What kind of thing is done with a problem,and an regional finance study and the credit guarantee study carried out in this report not only Kyoto look back what kind of study has been performed. It was revealed that region financial institution and association of credit guarantee took the finance facilitation of the person from medium and small-sized business from this study. And the credit guarantee system is the policy that association of creditguarantee and 3 organization of the financial institution cooperated with the government, and it is necessary to prevent induction of the moral hazard that may inhibit medium and small-sized business finance.To that end, the strict examination that administration and association of credit guarantee applied soft information by the monitoring in than the hard information such as financial statements is demanded.

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