Departmental Bulletin Paper 小中学校社会科におけるグローバリズム・ ナショナリズムとアイデンティティの教材化‒「外国人労働者問題」を事例として‒
Teaching-Aids Preparation of Globalism Nationalism and an Identity by Elementary and Junior High Schools Social Studies: The Example of a“Foreign Workers Problem”

橋本, 祥夫

The keyword which arrests modern society and which was known well has“Globalization.”The preparation for Globalization is called for also by the education policy.As one of examples, the system of teaching English at an elementary school was made. Globalization is recognized as a necessary thing.The social studies which make a social phenomenon applicable to study also need to take in change of the society by globalization. This research is not aimed only at the globalization as an external phenomenon. I would like to examine it more deeply about an understanding of modern society by being aimed at “Nationalism”which is the“Globalism”and its opposite concept as“The Social View.”In the world, the more“Globalism”becomes strong,the more“Nationalism”has become strong as the reaction. Therefore, I think that we can understand modern society more by thinking of these both.Moreover,I think with reality that I can understand modern society concretely by considering the relations of the “Identity”as an individual way of life to be“Globalism”and“Nationalism.”I also have to understand rise of “Nationalism”, in order to understand the present condition of “Globalism.”“Globalism” and “Nationalism” are also the problems of a “Local.” “Global”,“National”,and a “Local”are in the same space,and are intermingled.Furthermore,it does not stop at space recognition. Mental recognition appears strongly. That is, I influence the “Identity””as my position. As a phenomenon, they are an immigration problem and a problem of refugees.In Japan,they appear as a foreign workers problem. Therefore,I thought that I could understand “Globalism Nationalism”and an “Identity”by taking up a foreign workers problem.

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