Journal Article 操作者の笑い声に基づく遠隔操作型アンドロイドの笑い動作生成
Speech Driven Laughter Generation of Teleoperated Android

船山, 智  ,  港, 隆史  ,  石井, カルロス寿憲  ,  石黒, 浩

58 ( 4 )  , pp.932 - 944 , 2017-04-15
Teleoperated androids are developed as communication media which can share strong human presence. However, android cannot move like humans since the degrees of freedom are limited. Therefore, a behavior of android is not always natural. In this paper, we focus on “laughter”, that is an important expression in communication. We designed exaggerated laughter motion of android, and developed an automatic laughter generation system of teleoperated android. Psychological experiments verified the effectiveness of proposed method, and also the results suggested the exaggeration should depend on the appearance of android.

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