Journal Article 多層システムに対する横断的な機能捜索
Cross-layer Feature Location

風戸, 広史  ,  林, 晋平  ,  大島, 剛志  ,  小林, 隆志  ,  夏川, 勝行  ,  星野, 隆  ,  佐伯, 元司

58 ( 4 )  , pp.885 - 897 , 2017-04-15
In multi-layer systems such as web applications, locating features is a challenging problem because each feature is often realized through a collaboration of program elements belonging to different layers. This paper proposes a semi-automatic technique to extract correspondence between features and program elements among layers, by merging execution traces of every layer to feed into formal concept analysis. By applying this technique to a web application, not only modules in the application layer but also web pages in the presentation layer and table accesses in the data layer can be associated with features at once. To show the feasibility of our technique, we applied it to a web application which conforms to the typical three-layer architecture of Java EE and discuss its applicability to other layer systems in the real world.

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