Journal Article 編集スクリプトへのコピーアンドペースト操作の導入によるコード差分の理解向上の試み
Improving Understandability of Source Code Change via Introducing Copy-and-Paste Operation into Edit Script

肥後, 芳樹  ,  大谷, 明央  ,  楠本, 真二

58 ( 4 )  , pp.833 - 844 , 2017-04-15
Understanding source code changes is important in some activities such as code review. A variety of methodologies and tools have been proposed to support understanding changes. In such methodologies, Abstract Syntax Tree based (in short, AST) ones are considered more helpful for understanding than text based ones such as UNIX diff. In this paper, the authors propose a new AST-based methodology, which is an enhanced version of existing methodology. More concretely, the authors introduce a notion of copy-and-paste operations to express differences between two versions of source code. The authors implement a prototype based on the proposed methodology and apply it to 14 open source systems. As a result, the authors confirm that the proposed methodology generates shorter (more understandable) difference expressions than an existing methodology.

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