Journal Article テストケースの事前条件として適切なDB初期状態の状態数とデータサイズを削減する手法の提案
Reduce The Number And The Size of Initial Database States for Testing Applications

丹野, 治門

58 ( 4 )  , pp.818 - 832 , 2017-04-15
This research focuses on testing database applications, more concretely on how to automatically generate the initial database states which are appropriate preconditions of each test case. Existing approaches generate initial database states for each test case one-by-one; however there are 2 problems with the approaches. The first problem is that switching initial database states for each test case is too time consuming when we use the generated initial database states for testing. The second problem is that the total number of DB records tends to be large because many initial database states are generated. As a result, the total size of test data becomes large, which increases the cost of managing the test data and the time needed to switch initial database states for each test case. To solve these problems, we propose an approach for generating initial database states that are shared by multiple test cases by introducing reasonable solutions to 3 key challenges that are grouping test cases, deciding record arrangement, and solving constraints for appropriate an initial database states shared by multiple test cases. Using three industrial-level enterprise systems, we confirm that our proposal reduces the number of initial database states by 23%, and the total number of DB records by 64%.

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