Journal Article クラス責務割当てのファジィ制約充足問題としての定式化
Formalizing Class Responsibility Assignment as Fuzzy Constraint Satisfaction Problem

林, 晋平  ,  柳田, 拓人  ,  佐伯, 元司  ,  三村, 秀典

58 ( 4 )  , pp.795 - 806 , 2017-04-15
The authors formulate the class responsibility assignment (CRA) problem as the fuzzy constraint satisfaction problem (FCSP) to automate CRA, and show the results of automatic assignments of examples. Responsibilities are contracts or obligations of objects that they should assume; by aligning them to classes appropriately, designs of high quality realize. Typical aspects of a desirable design are having a low coupling between highly cohesive classes. However, because of a trade-off among such aspects, solutions that satisfy the conditions moderately are desired, and computer assistance is needed. The authors represent the conditions of such aspects as fuzzy constraints, and formulate CRA as FCSP. That enables us to apply common algorithms that solve FCSP to the problem, and to derive solutions representing a CRA.

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