Journal Article 自動車ソフトウェア要求仕様書の第三者インスペクション方法の提案と適用評価
A Third-party Inspection Method for Software Requirements Specifications and Its Evaluation with Multi-domain Automotive Products

蛸島, 昭之  ,  青山, 幹雄

58 ( 4 )  , pp.780 - 794 , 2017-04-15
Automotive software is facing the increase of size and complexity, and strenuous demands for safety and reliability. Software requirements specification (SRS) is consequently gaining importance in automotive software development. However, the diversity in automotive SRSs is becoming an obstacle to apply systematic inspection methods. The performance of an inspection, as a result, largely depends upon the inspector's experience and domain knowledge. This paper proposes a third-party inspection method. We define a reference SRS and quality characteristics for automotive software in order to propose a third-party inspection method that can quantitatively measure the document quality of SRSs. We applied the proposed method to actual SRSs collected from four product domains, and demonstrated its effectiveness. Furthermore, we identified diverse variability and confusion of the abstraction levels of requirements in the SRSs from the inspection.

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