Journal Article 情報セキュリティリスク環境下における自身の管理する情報の開示に関する意思決定モデルの提案
Proposing Decision Making Model for Disclosure of Information Being Managed by Oneself against Information Security Risk

藤田, 邦彦

58 ( 3 )  , pp.745 - 753 , 2017-03-15
The cases of inappropriate disclosure of information being managed by oneself such as personal information of one's own and secret information of organizations are increasing. Preventing inappropriate information disclosure depends on the behavior of the subject who manage the information. In this paper, I assume that the subject who discloses the information compares quantity and probability with respect to gains and losses by disclosing the information and makes a decision. This modeling can be expected to contribute preventing inappropriate information disclosure. In this paper, I apply the prospect theory, which models how people make decisions with monetary risk. I apply the proposed model to two case examples. One is to decide means of settlement in electric commerce cite, and the other is to to decide whether or not taking the secret information outside of the office. I evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed model by considering the consistency between the result of applying the model to two cases and the result of questionnaire surveys being conducted by other organizations.

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