Journal Article リスクベースセキュリティによる記憶媒体の自己保全
Self-wipe Capability for Hard Drive Derived from Risk Based Security

二村, 和明  ,  矢崎, 孝一  ,  中村, 洋介  ,  西垣, 正勝

58 ( 3 )  , pp.683 - 694 , 2017-03-15
Recently, data in information devices increasingly stored in the Cloud service, however to overcome the network instability, copy of the data is remained in local medium using HTML5 technology for seamless use of the information device. In such situation, if an information device such as a PC is separated from network or a medium such as a hard drive is pulled from an information device for some reason, then the data in the medium would face the risk of data leakage. In this paper, to solve the issue of the information leakage by pulling the medium off from the information devices, we introduce a concept of risk based security that would take additional security action when recognized it is not normal behavior. Then we propose a concrete solution that realizes the hard drive be disposable when detecting a risk by issuing wipe command from the hard drive itself to protect the data as the additional security action, then minimal the risk of information leakage.

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