Journal Article OpenFlowネットワーク移行支援システム
A System for Supporting Migration to OpenFlow Network

野村, 圭太  ,  谷口, 義明  ,  井口, 信和  ,  渡辺, 健次

58 ( 3 )  , pp.672 - 682 , 2017-03-15
OpenFlow networks have attracted attention along with the popularization of cloud environment and server virtualization since it enables flexible network configuration. It is expected that existing networks of various organizations and universities will migrate to OpenFlow networks in the future. However, it takes costs to migrate a traditional network to an OpenFlow network as well as costs for test. In this paper, we propose, design, implement and evaluate a system for supporting migration by acquiring settings from a traditional network and reflecting them to an OpenFlow network. Through experimental verification, we demonstrate that our system can migrate a traditional network composed of up to 10 routers to an OpenFlow network within 6 minutes.

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