Journal Article 無線LANの通信品質推定におけるMAC層情報の有効性調査
Effectiveness of MAC Layer Information in Communication Quality Estimation of Wireless LANs

新谷, 隆文  ,  前田, 香織

58 ( 3 )  , pp.664 - 671 , 2017-03-15
多種多様な機器から情報がアップロードされるIoTにおいて,接続場所に拘束されずにインターネットへアクセスできる無線アクセス網は必須である.また,モバイル端末の動画配信サービスの増加にともなって,無線アクセス網の高速化も進んでいる.あらゆる場面で無線アクセス網が利用されるが,無線アクセス網では高速なコア網に比べて品質の変動が激しく,エンドツーエンド通信の品質に与える影響は大きい.そこで,本論文では無線アクセス網として普及の進んでいる無線LANに焦点をあて,その通信品質を推定するために有効な指標を提案する.具体的には端末から無線LANのアクセスポイント(以下,AP)へ送信されるMAC層情報の1つであるNull Function Data Frame(NFDF)の再送率を通信品質の推定に用いる.最初にNFDFの再送率が無線LANの輻輳の検知において有効かどうかを実験により調査する.次に調査を通じて,NFDFの送信頻度と通信品質の推定精度の相関を示し,提案方法が無線LANの通信品質の推定に有効な範囲について述べる.
In IoT (Internet of Things), various devices upload various information and wireless access networks is necessary for many devices without restriction of location to access to the Internet. Also, wireless access network speed is being rapidly accelerated by increasing of streaming services of mobile terminals. Though wireless access networks are used in many scenes, quality of wireless networks fluctuates intensely compared to wired core networks and its fluctuation gives a significant impact on quality of end-to-end communication. In this paper, we focus on wireless LANs as a wireless access network and propose an index to estimate communication quality of wireless LANs. We use a retransmission rate of Null Function Data Frame (NFDF) which is one of the Media Access Control (MAC) information as an estimation indication. First, we investigate whether retransmission rates of NFDF is effective for congestion detection of wireless LANs by some experiments. Next, we show a correlation between NFDF transmission frequency and estimation accuracy of communication quality. Finally, we describe effective scope of our proposal to estimate communication quality of wireless LANs.

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