Journal Article オープンデータ時代のスキーマ・フュージョン技術
A Schema Fusion Technique for Open Data Era

山口, 真弥  ,  倉光, 君郎

58 ( 3 )  , pp.644 - 653 , 2017-03-15
Schema validation is an important technique that achieve a reliability of data exchange on the Web. Historically, schema validation has been developed intensively in XML. However, open data, which become popular recently, are transmitted and received in various formats. Since we can't apply XML schema validators to another format data, schema validation is not available in most of open data. In this paper, we propose Schema Fusion algorithm, which provides a schema constrained PEG by creating a fusion of a schema definition and a PEG representing syntax of data format. By applying our algorithm, we can obtain generated parsers performed as schema validators that validate open data in various formats. We evaluate the performances of generated schema validators and confirm its practicality by comparing an existing schema validator.

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