Technical Report e-Learningにおける著作権処理の体系化に向けた事例ベースの構築
Construction of Basic Cases to Systematize Copyright-Processing for e-Learning

吉田, 明恵  ,  根本, 淳子  ,  田中, 寿郎  ,  藤本, 憲市  ,  村井, 礼  ,  林, 敏浩

2017-CLE-21 ( 12 )  , pp.1 - 4 , 2017-03-14
In use of a copyrighted material for an e-Learning content, we should deal with its copyright processing properly. However, it is difficult for staff in charge of copyright processing at five national universities in Shikoku, which are cooperating on e-Learning, to handle individual instances because of human-resource shortage. It seems that other educational institutions have been in the similar situation. To systematize copyright processing for typical instances can make lightening of staff workloads, besides spread of lectures with on-demand-type e-Learning in the cooperated universities. In this report, we present basic cases that consist of issues on copyright processing and their correspondences in which the basic cases are constructed by questions gathered from staff at the cooperated universities..

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