Departmental Bulletin Paper Reactions to a Functional-Notional Syllabus Teaching Communication Strategies and Formulaic Expressions

マーティン, エリック

(65)  , pp.121 - 131 , 2018-03-01 , 四天王寺大学
This study investigates the reactions of low-intermediate level EFL university students to an English Communication course curriculum designed around a functional-notional syllabus. The curriculum was implemented using lessons in which students were taught to use formulaic expressions to employ communication strategies which were intended to help students better engage in spontaneous discussions. At the end of the course students were tested on their ability to use the expressions to engage in group discussions and to come to a group consensus. Conversation strategies and formulaic expressions were chosen as the focus of the course curriculum due to the fact that the vast majority of other English Communication courses offered at the university were either designed around structural (grammar-focused) syllabi or were based around group presentation exercises. The researcher felt that, while learners would benefit from all of these course designs, learners did not have many opportunities to practice using strategies to discuss topics spontaneously. At the end of the course a questionnaire was used to gauge learners’ perceived utility of the course. Most students demonstrated adequate mastery of the strategies by the time the course finished, and reported increased English L2 self-efficacy, or the ability to achieve their goals (Bandura, 1977), as a result of the course content. They also reported high levels of utility regarding the use of formulaic expressions.

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