Departmental Bulletin Paper 〔資料紹介〕梅村豊撮影歌舞伎写真(七)

鎌田, 紗弓

The Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage has continued to catalogue black and white negative films taken by Umemura Yutaka (June 15, 1923 to June 5, 2007), which were endowed to the Department in fiscal year 2007. An outline of the entire collection and Umemura’s achievements can be found in the initial report by Tsuchida Makiko in Research and Reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage, No. 3 . By the previous fiscal year, the Department completed sorting out of 8,977 negatives taken between 1956 and 1976. Umemura was a photographer who worked for Engeki Shuppansha, a theatrical publisher dealing especially with kabuki . His photographs appeared mainly in the monthly publication Engekikai for as long as 57 years, from the November 1950 issue, the first of the publication after World War II, until the May 2007 issue immediately before his death. He covered a wide range of photographing and the collections also include a significant number of non-kabuki negatives, such as stage photos of modern drama, snapshots of actors at interviews and even those featuring stage sets and properties. Though previous reports catalogued the negative films one by one, from this report the contents of the negatives are classified folder by folder based on the date, venue, and program name of the performance photographed. In this seventh annual report, a list of 664 negative film folders (containing 19,229 negatives) dating between 1978 and 1988 is provided.

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