Departmental Bulletin Paper 〔資料紹介〕七代目豊沢広助『義太夫 節と手順』

飯島, 満

Toyozawa Hirosuke VII (1878 – 1957) is a shamisen player of gidayu-bushi joruri (shamisen music used in bunraku , one of the representative classic performing arts of Japan). Gidayu no fushi to tejun (Demonstrations of representative melody patterns used in gidayu-bushi joruri ) is a set of SP records (13 records) in which Hirosuke plays the shamisen and sings the basic melody patterns of gidayu-bushi joruri . This set is said to have been recorded in September 1931 and November 1932. That this set of records is included in the collection of the Institute has already been made public in a list published in 1966, but the contents of the records have not yet been reported in detail. The present report includes the names of the melody patterns performed by Hirosuke, the specific texts of the repertories from which the names are taken and the names of the repertories themselves. This set is a valuable audio material that provides information about the transmission of gidayubushi joruri before World War II.

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