Departmental Bulletin Paper ミャンマー中部の生活用水
Water for Living in Central Myanmar
ミャンマー チュウブ ノ セイカツ ヨウスイ

富田, 寿代  ,  水谷, 令子  ,  Hisayo, TOMITA  ,  Reiko, MIZUTANI  ,  鈴鹿大学  ,  鈴鹿大学  ,  Suzuka Universitiy  ,  Suzuka Universitiy

Usage and quality of water for living were investigated in Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Taunggyi in the central area of Myanmar. Almost all people in the country do not have direct access to a water supply system. However, piped water is also groundwater or surface water without filtration and chlorination because there are few water purification plants. Furthermore, the majority of latrines are the pit type, and domestic sewage is directly discharged into surface waters such as rivers and lakes. Therefore, the contamination of raw water and soil influences the water quality directly. Many samples had a high concentration of Na+ and total alkalinity. The existence of NO2 -, NH4 + and K+ in all the samples suggest the raw water was polluted with human waste and chemical fertilizers.

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