Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会的不適応と性役割期待
Social Maladjustment and Sex-role Expectation

大井, 修三  ,  今枝, 未紗

(47)  , pp.31 - 43 , 2017-10-31 , 岐阜女子大学
In a stressful society, interpersonal maladjustments occur frequently, and the maladjustmentsmay be caused by an irrelevant coping with stress. There are differences of frequency of maladjustments between the sexes. We suspected that one of causes of the maladjustments were the sex-role expectation(SRE)in the society. But recent studies showed that there was no difference of SRE between the sexes. And the differences of stress coping behaviors (SCB)between the sexes were frequently reported, but the phenomena did not coincide with sexmatched one. On the other hand, the masculinity and feminity linked with SCB in both sexes.Furthermore, in private episode, we feel to be expected a behavior matched with the sex.These make us expect to get the procedure for resolving the problems of social maladjustmentby means of determining the SRE in private places.

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