Journal Article 画像解析による小麦ふすまパンの色彩的特徴
Color Features for Wheat Bran Bread Using Image Analysis

松下, 慶子  ,  舘, 和彦  ,  森, 俊夫

(2)  , pp.7 - 13 , 2015-05-01 , 岐阜女子大学
The purpose of this study was to elucidate delicate color changes taking place during functional bread development. Image density areas of wheat bran bread were measured for density histogram to determine to amounts of color information. While bran addition tended to decrease lightness, it showed no changes in colorfulness. Color hue angle was yellow for standard bread, whereas wheat bran addition moved it toward yellowish orange color. Measuring device, such as spectrocolorimeter, is generally used to measure bread for color tone, however, such device can only measure specific color components. The image analysis performed in this study clearly showed changes in color characteristics. It not only measured representative color components by area partition but also extracted feature values that properly reflected the contents.

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