Departmental Bulletin Paper Thermal Radiative Characteristics of Nanostructured Tungsten at High-Temperature
ナノ コウゾウ ヒョウメン オ モツ タングステン ノ コウオン デノ ネツ ホウシャ トクセイ ノ コウジョウ

髙村, 秀一  ,  上杉, 喜彦  ,  菊池, 祐介  ,  永田, 正義  ,  山田, 耕平  ,  小林, 孝裕  ,  前中, 志郎  ,  藤田, 和宣  ,  栗下, 裕明

Fiber-form nanostructure grown on tungsten (W) surface has an excellent thermal radiative property at relatively low sample temperature up to 1200℃. Requirement of maintaining the above radiative property at higher temperature promotes an examination on recovery or annealing characteristics of nanostructured W surfaces, making an emphasis on dopant effect. TFGR-W-1.1%TiC/H (Toughing, Fine-Grained Recrystallized Tungsten with TiC dispersoid) was found to have best characteristics among tested doped W. However, it was noted and discussed that a further improvement at higher-temperature needs an additional processes.

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