Departmental Bulletin Paper 我が国中小企業の知財マネジメント診断 : 特許支援制度改正における問題点について
ワガ クニ チュウショウ キギョウ ノ チザイ マネジメント シンダン : トッキョ シエン セイド カイセイ ニオケル モンダイテン ニツイテ
The Diagnosis for Intellectual Property Management of Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan : The Problems in Amendment of Patent Support System

後藤, 時政  ,  羽田, 裕

We proposed the framework called “patent application strategy matrix” that was able to diagnose the patent application strategy of enterprises. It can be diagnosed with two standards, the execution possibility by other competitive enterprises and the quality of a patent application document. The application numbers of an enterprise in one year was used as the execution possibility by the others and the volume of pages of a patent application document was used as the quality of that. The enterprises published in Japanese unexamined patent application publication on each area of the matrix ware extracted, and the questionnaire survey was done to those enterprises. In this paper, the problems of the patent support system for small and medium enterprises by the Patent Office in Japan were considered from the results of the questionnaire survey.

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