Departmental Bulletin Paper 怒り経験の想起に影響を及ぼす怒りの特徴の検討
イカリ ケイケン ノ ソウキ ニ エイキョウ オ オヨボス イカリ ノ トクチョウ ノ ケントウ
The Anger Experiences Causing Anger-Recall in Daily Life

飯田, 沙依亜  ,  田中, 健史朗  ,  金子, 一史

Anger-recall is one of the most important aspects of anger to control its maladaptive effects on behaviors and mental health. In this study, 174 participants reported their daily anger experiences. Their experiences were categorized and summarized to examine factors related to anger-recall. The results showed that the degree of anger and the unresolved feeling to anger situation were related to the ease of anger-recall.

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