Departmental Bulletin Paper パルス回路からの電波の可聴化とGM管計数器への応用
パルス カイロ カラ ノ デンパ ノ カシカ ト GMカン ケイスウキ エ ノ オウヨウ
Auralization of electromagnetic wave from pulse circuit and the application to a GM tube counter

森, 千鶴夫

Radio-electromagnetic wave emitted from electric pulse circuit was made it possible to be heard with a radio through the modulation with the pulses having sound frequency. The method is simple, so that anyone interested in this matter can fabricate the pulse circuit and go on the radio-electromagnetic wave experiment. The method was applied to a hand-made GM counter pulse counting equipment. It is therefore possible to do the experiments with the equipment from gamma-rays with very short wave length, ultra violet rays, and radio-electromagnetic wave with long wave length.

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