Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国語の新奇動詞パターン“闪V” : 語彙概念意味論と構文形態論に基づく比較検討
チュウゴクゴ ノ シンキ ドウシ パターン セン V : ゴイ ガイネン イミロン ト コウブン ケイタイロン ニ モトズク ヒカク ケントウ
The Chinese Novel Verb Pattern “Shan V” : A Comparative Discussion based on Lexical Conceptual Semantics and Construction Morphology

朱, 冰

In the present paper, we explore the meaning of the Chinese novel verb pattern “shan V” ‘do something suddenly’ from the perspectives of lexical conceptual semantics and construction morphology. We compare the advantages and limitations of the two approaches to the analysis of the “shan V” verbs. The lexical conceptual structure can illustrate the syntactic pattern of each verb but fails to cover the background knowledge of some verbs. As the background knowledge is intimately involved with the emergence of the new verbs, it should also be regarded as part of the verbs’ meaning. On the other hand, the morphological construction schema cannot illustrate the syntactic pattern of the verbs but it describes the verbs’ structure and meaning more precisely. Furthermore, different construction schemas can be organized as a network by different kinds of inheritance links, which illustrates the extension relation between the construction schemas.

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