Departmental Bulletin Paper 大規模集客施設の利用を考慮した河川はん濫時の避難者配分計画
ダイキボ シュウキャク シセツ ノ リヨウ オ コウリョ シタ カセン ハンランジ ノ ヒナンシャ ハイブン ケイカク
Evacuee allocation scheme including large customer facilities in flood disaster

原田, 明日香  ,  小池, 則満

Recently,flood disasteres are occured by torrential rains frequently. It is especially important to secure shelters for people who live near the river with the high risk of a flood. However,pablic shelters are not enough to accommodate in the evacuee people.In this study,we consider to use the large customer facilities which are operated by private sectors. The transportation problem is applied at Nisi ku,Nagoya city,Aichi,Japan and Matsusaka city ,Mie,Japan. The result shows that the large customer facilities are effective for covering a shortage of the shelter capacity. Furthrmore,we suggest the evacuation planning on the basis of local characteristic. In some cases,risk is increaded by the long distance evacuation the routs pass through the stricken area.

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