Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等教育におけるSNS 活用に関する文献レビューと取組事例の報告
コウトウ キョウイク ニオケル SNS カツヨウ ニカンスル ブンケン レビュー ト トリクミ ジレイ ノ ホウコク
Review and a Case Study of SNS Use for Higher Educations

杉浦, 晶子  ,  杉浦, 伸

"Recently, most of university students have mobile phone, smart phone and use them frequently. Because smart phone are very convenient, students might actually do hasty or careless assignment. These attitude might inhibit the growth of academic achievement. On the other hand, SNS is used as a learning tool to allow students to engage in discussion and ask questions in their class. This paper reviews the study of SNS use for higher educations, and describes our experience."

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