Departmental Bulletin Paper ネオンプラズマ照射を受けたタングステン表面に形成された微細皺構造の観察
ネオン プラズマ ショウシャ オ ウケタ タングステン ヒョウメン ニ ケイセイ サレタ ビサイシュウ コウゾウ ノ カンサツ
"Observation of Microwrinkle Structure on Tungsten Surfaces Observation of Microwrinkle Structure on Tungsten Surfaces irradiated by Neon Plasmas"

髙村, 秀一  ,  上杉, 喜彦  ,  矢嶋, 美幸  ,  小林, 裕孝  ,  前中, 志郎  ,  藤田, 和宣

"Microwrinkle structure on tungsten material surfaces has been observed in plasma-wall interaction of fusion related configuration. Incident neon ions have kinetic energies of a few tens eV, just above the threshold of physical sputtering. The pitch of wrinkle, 100 ~ 600 nm, has a strong temperature dependence between 1100 and 1550 K. The formation mechanism has been discussed on the basis of hard surface layer buckling model with a required lateral force due to thermal stress."

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