Departmental Bulletin Paper 耐震補強された鋼製橋脚の発災後における初動点検方法の提案
タイシン ホキョウ サレタ コウセイ キョウキャク ノ ハッサイゴ ニオケル ショドウ テンケン ホウホウ ノ テイアン
A proposal of triage guideline for the seismic retrofitted steel bridge piers in the initial inspection after earthquake

中村, 訓大  ,  嶋口, 儀之  ,  鈴木, 森晶

"Japanese road bridge design codes have been modified, when highway viaducts have damaged by huge earthquake such as Hyogoken Nanbu Earthquake. The modification of these codes have performed after each huge earthquake, but the targets are only for newly constructed bridges. On the other hand the seismic retrofit have been done for the bridges which have constructed with old design code to adopt with current design code. In addition, until now we have no repair methods and triage guideline. For example how much the strength of bridge have remained which have damaged by huge earthquake. In this study, scale downed eight specimens were prepared to determine the seismic performance which have seismic retrofit as same as real structure. Finally determine the repair triage guideline for the seismic performance in the on-site inspection of right after a huge earthquake."

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