Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学・実業団陸上競技選手のスポーツサングラスの使用実態
ダイガク ジツギョウダン リクジョウ キョウギ センシュ ノ スポーツ サングラス ノ シリョウ ジッタイ
Research on Use Actual Condition of the Sports Sunglasses in a University and the Elite Track & Field Athletes

吉井, 泉  ,  石垣, 尚男  ,  河村, 剛光

"In this study, we carried out the investigation into about the use situation sports sung lasses for 662 athletes (402 males and 260 females),they were 18-37 years old. The respondent was 468 athletes who belonged to the team of 23 universities, and 194 elite athletes of 17 teams. A questionnaire to be comprised of 20 items, an investigation was carried out for from January to March 2015. The main results are as follows. 1. As for the university and elite athletes, a ratio without the correction was higher in sports than daily life. It was revealed that they played a game in a state of the low vision. In addition, the utilization of the contact lens was high at the tim of the sports. 2. Elite athletes had high use frequency of sunglasses with both exercise and rece, and university athletes were low in a race. 3. The purpos eof use of sunglasses had many reduction and ultraviolet rays cuts of the dazzle 4. The effectof sunglasses most strongly realized concentration. 5. The criteria for selection of sunglasses tended to make much of a design,a maker. 6. They felt dissatisfaction in a feeling of fitting of sunglasses, and expected improvement. Furthermore,they expected the low price. 7. A black lens was chosen most in 41%, and red 16%, orange and blue 12%. "

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