Departmental Bulletin Paper 震災時薬の服用者が病院に求めるもの
シンサイジ クスリ ノ フクヨウシャ ガ ビョウイン ニ モトメル モノ
The contents taking persons of medicine ask from a hospital in the time of an earthquake disaster

建部, 謙治  ,  宮治, 眞  ,  田村, 和夫  ,  高橋, 郁夫  ,  黒見, 友紀子

The purpose of this research is to play the role of the small-scale hospital at the time of an earthquake disaster clearly from a personal viewpoint through prescription of medicine. Study method was performed based on a literature search and hearing survey. An object of hearing survey was set to 2 groups of persons with experience of a great earthquake and inexperienced persons. The main results are summarized as follows; An earthquake disaster inexperienced person and the person who receives periodic medicine prescription didn't tend to remember to the name of the medicine. There was a person who had trouble looking for the hospital open at the time of an earthquake disaster near half. It's wished for by the time of an earthquake disaster that a small-scale hospital resumes.

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