Departmental Bulletin Paper 概説:高齢者の視機能とトレーニング効果
ガイセツ : コウレイシャ ノ シキノウ ト トレーニング コウカ
Overview: Visual Functions of the Elderly and Effects of Training

石垣, 尚男

"This section outlines the study that the author conducted on visual functions and effect of training visual functions of the elderly. A series of studies revealed the following: 1. The elderly had poorer results than elementary school children with dynamic visual acuity, eye movement and effective visual field. Velocity anticipation was similar between elderly people and elementary school children. 2. Significant individual differences were observed among the elderly for visual functions. 3. Visual functions of the elderly improved with training. Three months of training improved the performance levels by approximately 10 percent. 4. Speed of reading was improved with training of visual functions. Furthermore, ability to balance was improved by this training. 5. Training of visual functions for the elderly has a beneficial effect on daily living activities."

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