Research Paper 有機二次電池および太陽電池への応用を志向した可溶性安定有機中性ラジカルの合成
ユウキ ニジ デンチ オヨビ タイヨウ デンチ エノ オウヨウ オ シコウ シタ カヨウセイ アンテイ ユウキ チュウセイ ラジカル ノ ゴウセイ
Synthesis of Soluble and Stable Organic Neutral Radicals toward the Development of Secondary Battery and Solar Cell

森田, 靖  ,  鍵谷, 大輔  ,  菅原, 哲  ,  村田, 剛志

New trioxotriangulene (TOT) type stable neutral radicals having linear alkoxy carbonyl groups were synthesized toward the application for the cathode active materials in the new type liquid-phase secondary bartery and for the solution-processed semiconductive materials such as photovoltaic cells. The TOT derivatives were soluble to several organic solvents such as CH2Cl2 and THF,etc as a result of the introduction of long alkyl groups. The effect of substituent groups on the redox properties was investigated by the cyclic voltammetry in the solution state. The electronic-spin structure was elucidated by the ESR spectrum and quantum chemical calculation.

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