Research Paper 炭素及びシリコンからなるリチウムイオン電池負極材料の合成
タンソ オヨビ シリコン カラ ナル リチウム イオン デンチ フキョク ザイリョウ ノ ゴウセイ
Preparation of carbon/siliconl pyrocarbon composite materials for anode of lithium-ion battery

大澤, 善美  ,  伊藤, 啓近  ,  近藤, 裕保  ,  小田, 和誠  ,  糸井, 弘行

In present study,silicon and pyrocarbon was coated on the low crystalline carbon fibers as core carbon using chemical vapor deposition technique,and effect of the thin film silicon /pyrocarbon coating on electrochemical properties was examined. Crystalline silicon was deposited on core carbon without the formation of SiC that was inert with lithium. Charge capacity (Li de-intercalation) of the pristine carbon fiber was successfully increased up to 630 mAh/g by coating with 11 mass% silicon and 7 mass% pyrocarbon. Capacity fade was occurred during the charge-discharge cycling for the sample of carbon fiber coated with silicon only. Cycle ability was improved for the sample coated with both silicon and pyrocarbon. It is considered that thin pyrocarbon film is preferable for preventing the particle fracturing.

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