Research Paper シリコン単結晶の室温における静的曲げ及び疲労
シリコン タンケッショウ ノ シツオン ニオケル セイテキ マゲ オヨビ ヒロウ
Bending and fatigue of silicon single crystal at room temperature

高木, 誠  ,  松室, 昭仁  ,  岩田, 博之  ,  坂, 公恭

The static four-point and three-point bending tests and the fatigue test of the silicon single crystal wafer specimens were carried out at room temperature After the tests,the specimens were investigated by the cross-sectional TEM observations in order to clarify the microstructural change. The cross sectional TEM observations indicated that the residual strain was caused in all of the specimens,and the dislocations were also observed after the fatigue tests.

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