Research Paper 量子触媒高機能ガーゼタオルの抗菌特性評価
リョウシ ショクバイ コウキノウ ガーゼ タオル ノ コウキン トクセイ ヒョウカ
Antibacterial evaluation of gauze towel adhered Quantum Catalyst

岸, 政七  ,  加藤, 勘次  ,  松井, 秀生

The Quantum catalyst has been discussed to put textile fabric on development stage with emphasizing such significant capability as antifouling, deodorant, antibacterial and anti-virus. The Quantum catalyst, TX5Gp or TX5Gn, expresses photo-catalytic effect of 50 thousand times that of anatase titanium oxide photo-catalyst with owing to creating donor or acceptor level in its band gap. It is was successfully verified based on both JIS and JTECT standard in the Japan food research laboratories that the textile fabric adhered with Quantum catalyst TX5Gp achieves same bacteriostatic activity for Klebsiella preumoniae even in dark place as to that of the anatase titanium oxide photo catalyst in ultraviolet irradiation.

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