Research Paper バイオマスを利用した高気孔率炭素/珪酸塩複合体の調製
バイオマス オ リヨウ シタ コウキコウリツ タンソ ケイサンエン フクゴウタイ ノ チョウセイ
Highly porous carbon/silicate composite prepared from biomass

小林, 雄一  ,  片山, 正貴  ,  Joe-Hwan, Pee

"Rice husk is one of biomass abandoned as waste materials in large quantities every year, and is a candidate material for preparation of active carbon. In this study,highly porous active carbon-silicate composites were prepared using rice husk with a combination of clay mineral by heat-treatment in Ar atmosphere. With an increase in rice husk content up to 60%, bulk density of the composite decreased to below 1g/cm3 and the water absorption increased to above 75%. Thus prepared highly porous active-carbon/silicate composite had a multimode pore size distribution,4 nm,0 .1μm and 1-5μm,and had a high specific surface area of 133m2/g. Water absorption speed was characterized by means of suction of water by capillary action."

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