Research Paper iTPチップ超臨界合成システムを用いた量子触媒TX5Gの合成
iTP チップ チョウリンカイ ゴウセイ システム オ モチイタ リョウシ ショクバイ TX5G ノ ゴウセイ
Synthesizing Quantum Catalyst TX-5G by employing iTP-chip Supercritical Dispersion System

岸, 政七  ,  増淵, 伸一

Ultrasonic supercritical dispersion has been discussed to put the Quantum catalyst on development stage with emphasizing on the iTP ultrasonic tip. It has been successfully synthesized in the supercritical field yield by this iTP chip that both the Quantum catalyst TX5Gp and TX5Gn are carried with the third group boron and the fifth group phosphorus of the periodic table to achieve more than fifty thousand times photocatalytic effect that of the most effective existing 7nm? anatase titanium dioxide photo catalyst within one hour ultraviolet irradiation of 1mm/cm2 watt strengt.

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