Research Paper ESLによるハンズフリーセキュリティシステム
ESL ニヨル ハンズフリーセキュリティ システム
An ESL based handsfree security system

中村, 栄治  ,  森, 雅斗  ,  伊藤, 朔太

"This technical report presents a handsfree security system employing electronic shelf labels or ESLs. The system does not require any active actions for security users when they are identified while ID cards or biological features are used for their identification,user's active actions such as placing their ID cards or fingers over ID terminals are always required. An ELS is an infrared communication driven device with an electronic paper display and has a unique ID. Due to its ID,An ESL server can send a different bitmap message to an individual ESL. Right after it received the message from the server,it returns its acknowledge signal to the server telling the message having been received successfully. Our system utilizes this both-way communication ability of an ESL. We show three handsfree security applications, including (1) an automated door trigger that can prevent from any unallowed persons passing through the door with other allowed persons,(2 ) recording the activity of persons who go in and out from an security area without letting them know when and how they are surveyed,and (3) an optimization technique for elevators that can be operated in a very efficient manner by telling users which cage should be selected."

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