Research Paper 口コミを用いた企業の特徴の抽出方法の提案
クチコミ オ モチイタ キギョウ ノ トクチョウ ノ チュウシュツ ホウホウ ノ テイアン
An extraction method of the features of the company by using reviews

菱田, 隆彰  ,  炭竃, 桂輔  ,  遠藤, 正隆  ,  中嶋, 裕一  ,  三浦, 哲郎

Review is effective to obtain more specific information about what we interested. However,from a large amount of the reviews that have been posted on the review site, it is difficult to obtain the information that we want. In this paper, we propose a method of extracting the features of the company from reviews of the career site.

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