Research Paper 低消費電力&広帯域周波数特性を併せ持つCMOSアナログLSIの開発
テイショウヒ デンリョク & コウタイイキ シュウハスウ トクセイ オ アワセ モツ CMOS アナログ LSI ノ カイハツ
Design for the CMOS Analog LSI circuit with Low Consumption and Wide bandwidth

江間, 俊樹  ,  小島, 充喜  ,  五島, 敬史郎  ,  江口, 一彦  ,  山田, 明宏

The large scale integrated circuit with high performance and low consumption is required for the low drive voltage and high movement frequency. For these situations,the design technique of analog circuit is necessary at full digital circuit components. In this paper, we designed the analog integrated circuit with low power consumption and broadband frequency band characteristic by means of the CMOS Transistors.

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