Departmental Bulletin Paper 運動・スポーツの習慣化・継続化に関する調査研究
ウンドウ スポーツ ノ シュウカンカ ケイゾクカ ニカンスル チョウサ ケンキュウ
Research on Habituation and Continuation of Exercise and Sports

小原, 史朗  ,  松下, 智之

"Exercise and sports have a good influence on a body, mind, life, health and the physical fitness. However, the policy of habituation and continuation of the exercise and sports is insufficient. This research was that the people clarified the motive and circumstance which leads the exercise and sports to habituation and continuation. The investigation adopted a questionnaire method. The object of investigation was male and female in 18-69 years old. The number of investigation was 423. The valid answering ratio was 85.6%. Division of age for the data analysis was young man of 18-29 years old (184 male and 93 female subjects) and middle-elderly of 30-69 years old (35 male and 59 female subjects).The investigation went to from January to February in 2011. Contents of the investigation were〝on the effect to the physical and the mental and the life which looks forward to the exercise and sports.〝and〝the causa which is necessary for the exercise to continue .〝 with〝the causa and factor to do an exercise habitually.〝. The result of analysis ; In that it was mental to win a physical fitness and health in the body and degradation of the physical stress was of primary concern. Also, it expected the improvement of the communication ability in life. The causa which the continuation of the exercise and the habit need was 〝it is possible to do maintenance and improvement of the health 〝,〝the partner can do.〝,〝the delightful program and movement facilities are complete well.〝with〝there is leeway in the time and the economy.〝. As a result of the above, important conditions of habituation and continuation about exercise and sports was suggested to be “the improvement of exercise and sports environment.” and “the enrich of implementation structure and instruction.”. "

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