Departmental Bulletin Paper 宿泊施設の津波防災対策に関する一考察 : 愛知県南知多町を事例として
シュクハク シセツ ノ ツナミ ボウサイ タイサク ニカンスル イチ コウサツ : アイチケン ミナミ チタチョウ オ ジレイ トシテ
"Study on countermeasures against Tsunami at hotels : Case of Minamichita Town, Aichi, Japan"

中嶋, 浩人  ,  小池, 則満

"Recently, new estimation of tsunami damage has prompted the revision of evacuation plans in Japan. It is especially important to establish countermeasures for tourists who are not acquainted with the risk of places near the water. In this study, hotel manager’s awareness of the tsunami risk was addressed through a questionnaire survey at Minami-Chita town, Aichi, Japan. The results of the survey showed that the difference in the manager’s consciousness of disaster prevention relates to hotel countermeasure. Evacuation time at a hotel is earlier than at a""Minshuku,""which is a Japanese-style guest house. The evacuation time at hotels for many staying tourists is slower than hotels with day-trip guests. Many managers think their business will not be able to continue after a tsunami. For the improvement of the manager’s consciousness, we proposed to carry out evacuation drills with organization related to the tourist business. "

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