Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国の作文授業におけるピア・レスポンスの試み : 中級日本語学習者を対象に
チュウゴク ノ サクブン ジュギョウ ニオケル ピア レスポンス ノ ココロミ : チュウキュウ ニホンゴ ガクシュウシャ オ タイショウ ニ
The Trial of the Peer-response in the chinese composition Class : For Intermediate Japanese Learners

薛, 倩

"This paper introduces a collaborative learning method called peer response which made it quite different from the Japanese writing classes dominated by the teacher. The research result shows that peer response activity is effective for both students who is good at Japanese and student who is not. On the other hand, analysis on the group composition has proved that students number in a group and the way to group students have effect on the writing quality improvement and the evaluation results."

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