Departmental Bulletin Paper 選球眼と打率の関係
センキュウガン ト ダリツ ノ カンケイ
Relationship of Batting Eye and Batting Average

石垣, 尚男

"Batting eye is defined as accurately of judging bad balls and strikes. We studied the relationship of batting eye to batting average, using 8 university baseball players consisting of top class(rank A) and second class(rank B) batters. The main results are as follows: 1) A significant correlation rate of 0.785 was noted between batting eye and batting average. This study therefore indicates that batting average is related to batting eye. 2) The judgment of bad balls was similar between the A and the B groups. However, accuracy of judgment on strikes was lower in the B group compared to the A group. Poorer judgement on strikes may explain the lower batting averages in the B group batters 3) When comparing judgments on strikes between the two groups, the results were similar for inside or middle strikes. However, as for outside strikes, the B group showed lower accuracy of judgment. Poorer judgments on outside strikes may explain the lower batting averages in the B group batters. 4) The results of this study indicates that improving batting eyes, in addition to practicing batting techniques, is important."

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