Departmental Bulletin Paper 工業系大学生のキャリア開発支援に向けた授業方法 : より実効性のあるプログラム開発に向けて
コウギョウケイ ダイガクセイ ノ キャリア カイハツ シエン ニ ムケタ ジュギョウ ホウホウ : ヨリ ジッコウセイ ノアル プログラム カイハツ ニ ムケテ
Report on the practice of a career development lecture series for engineering students : Looking for the establishment of more effective program

粟津, 敬雄  ,  本間, 英彦  ,  角田, 伸彦

"This is to report a series of lectures for the 3rd grade students of Aichi Institute of Technology (AIT) in 2014, which is based on the precedent lecture Awazu started for the smaller numbers of students in 2010. The purpose of this series is not to give practical knowledge for job searching but to assist engineering and information science students who will get into real business field in the near future, to obtain their own career perspectives. We tried to let the students to remind what they studied in their previous academic career and to find their own idea how to challenge the engineering theme at their employer in the near future. Throughout the class, we also tried to encourage the students to make their effort for the job with confidence and sincere consideration on their lifelong career development."

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