Departmental Bulletin Paper 「障害者」という呼び名を考える
ショウガイシャ トイウ ヨビナ オ カンガエル
What do we call ‘people with disabilities’?

伊藤, 泰子

"What do we call “people with disabilities”? Several calling names for “people with disabilities” contain past particles such as ‘impaired’, ‘disabled’, ‘handicapped’, ‘challenged’, and ‘gifted’. Past particle (=-ed) refers to three kinds of meanings, passive meaning, the present(past) perfect, and having a particular feature. These past particle expressions affect people with disabilities. They are unable to dream their own future because these calling names restrict themselves to act as a person. Then, I suppose that people with disabilities are preferred to have a calling name with verbs of action. "

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