Departmental Bulletin Paper 線香の煙の電荷とローソクの炎の電荷の比較
センコウ ノ ケムリ ノ デンカ ト ローソク ノ ホノオ ノ デンカ ノ ヒカク
The electric charges of incense-stick smoke and candle frame

森, 千鶴夫

"Polarity of electric charge of the smoke of incense sticks was investigated by simple experimental method and compared with that of candle flame. Electric high voltage of 3kV was applied on the smoke or the flame being present between two electrode plates with a distance of 3.5cm. Candle flame flows toward negative electrode, which shows the flame has positive charge. The smoke of incense stick flows toward both electrodes, which means that the smoke has both polarity of the electric charge."

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