Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学適応と個人志向性・社会志向性との関連
ダイガク テキオウ ト コジン シコウセイ シャカイ シコウセイ トノ カンレン
"The Relationships among Adjustment to College Life, and Individual and Social Orientedness"

東平, 彩亜  ,  松本, 麻友子  ,  大庭, 丈幸  ,  齋藤, 菜月  ,  杉浦, 悠子  ,  甲村, 和三

"Individual and social orientedness were proposed to capture the two processes in adjustment: personalization and socialization. In this study, the relationships among these two concepts and adjustment to college life were examined. As results, these two concepts had a close relation to adjustment to college life and explained some aspects of it."

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